Saturday, April 22, 2017

“Hey Suga Love” -Coach Singleton


Below are words written by current GCHS Women’s Track team members, whose lives were touched and changed by Coach Singleton. 

     Coach Singleton was a kind-hearted woman, who was very passionate in everything she did. She cared very deeply about everyone. She was our coach, and our mentor. As a commuting teacher for multiple high schools, she always made sure to be at track practice, no matter how late .She was committed to us. That alone, goes to show how dedicated she was to helping everyone. She always encouraged us, “always do your best” in everything we do, no matter the difficulty.

She was a mother in everything that she did. From the first day of practice, she made sure that we weren’t wearing anything inappropriate or behaving un-ladylike. She was a lady that made sure we respected ourselves and didn’t get too out of character:

“Sometimes at practice we would start dancing, but that didn’t last too long because she would end that quickly with a set of bleachers.”

Her job at Goose Creek High School was not only as a Speech Pathologist, but also one of our track coaches. She not only impacted the lives of her athletes, but also her students and her coworkers. Her influence was very evident as we all started coming together in her memory.

      “Knowing her for 5 years, She has really impacted my life strongly as a human being and person. She has taught me so much, not just about learning how to run track, but also being self efficient; that you have to work for everything and nothing is just given to you.”                                                                                                                                                                                -Alexis Simmons (Senior Track Member)

“This week we are having our first track meet without her. While we know she is gone, and things will never be the same without her, we run for HER, and we run for OURSELVES, knowing that she is still watching us and she is still with us.”                                                                                     -Tigere Cambell (Senior Track Member)

We Will Remain Strong For Her.


Sharonda Singleton was a remarkable woman, who would sacrifice everything for her students, her athletes, her family, and ultimately her faith. Her students never forgot that she “would give up Bible Study on Wednesday nights in order to be at their track meets to run with them as they finished, always encouraging them to finish strong!” However; in an unforeseen turn of events, Sharonda became a victim of the Mother Emanuel AME Church Shooting in Charleston, SC.DSC_0636

Sharonda was Goose Creek High School’s track coach, and a loved faculty member. She often talked about her wish to have her school host a state track meet, yet the school lacked the resources to realize this goal. This event is to honor her life and her dedication to the school and children she loved, and to make her dream a reality!


If you have any questions about the event, donations, vendors, or registration, please contact our our staff at Goose Creek High School.

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Beckwith – beckwithe@bcsdschools.net

Misty Corrigan – corriganm@bcsdschools.net


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mrs. Singleton was not only a great role model for students, but also for her peers. The way she carried herself and LOVED her job, her students, and her own children inspired me to be better everyday. All women who knew her, no matter how old, should carry her memory with them so as to emulate her in everything they do. Her faith in my abilities as a teacher mean more to me than anything. I will hold her memory close to my heart for the rest of my life.

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  2. Coach singleton was my role model, she would come to practice with a hugeeeeee smile on her face. I miss her dearly there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I walk past her class room everyday and look inside hoping that id see her bright smile.


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